Carl Martin PlexiRanger – Treble Booster

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Plexi-style Drive plus Dual-Boost (Clean- & Frequency-Boost) 3-in-1 pedal design: Clean Boost, Frequency Boost, Plexi-style Drive
Use Boost- and Drive-channel in series or independently
Combine Boost and Drive for tremendous gain and violin-like sustain
Cut through any mix either on stage or in the studio
Boost channel features two parallel circuits: Clean- and Frequency-Boost
Clean- and Frequency-Boost each provides up to +15dB of gain
Mix Clean- and Frequency-Boost to create your specific
Boost-tone “Freq” control to select specific boost frequency (250 Hz – 5 kHz)
Additional low-cut option on Boost-channel with 3 switchable settings Use Frequency-Boost and Low-cut to remove “bottom-end problems” on high-gain sounds
Drive Channel: Gain, Tone, Level
Dual-Boost Channel: Clean Boost Level, Frequency Boost Level (“Range”), Frequency control (“Freq”), Low Cut (3-way switch)
Remote socket for remote switching of Boost-channel +/- 12V internal voltage for higher dynamic overdrive tones
Top mounted input and output
Power requirements: 9VDC, 100 mA Power Supply not included
Buffered Bypass Designed by Carl Martin Denmark

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