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SCOR-10E. Bb Kornet Gold med etui

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The cornet is an instrument with many similarities with the trumpet, but due to its conic bore, the sound is much mellower and warmer. SCOR-10 was conceived to feature easy emission and perfect intonation. Built in brass with gold lacquered finish, it’s lightweight and compact.
Cornet is often the preferred choice by many beginners, being the mouthpiece closer to the piston and thus more balanced. It’s often used in Jazz music. Including a full set of accessories, is a great instruments both for students and trumpet players who need the instrument in specific situations.

• Built in brass.
• Stainless steel valves.
• Bore Ø 11,50mm.
• Bell size: Ø 120 mm.
• Adjustable main, third valve slides.
•1 waterkeys
• Gold lacquered finish.
• Including 7C size mouthpiece, valve oil, gloves, cleaning clothes.
• Including Hard Case.

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