ProCo Limited Edition ’85 Whiteface RAT

1.200,00 kr. inkl. moms

Love what the RAT pedal does for your guitar tones? Then you need to put this amazing limited stompbox underfoot! Pro Co takes you back to where it all started, with the Limited Edition Reissue ’85 Whiteface RAT. That’s right — it has the original graphics, the original chip, and the same original bulletproof construction as the ’85 model. Go from warm, chunky rhythm tones to wailing, distorted lead sounds with three easy-to-use (and easy-to-reach) controls. The RAT is a legendary pedal, and the Limited Edition Reissue ’85 Whiteface RAT brings it all back home!

While some reissues are simply retro paint jobs, the Limited Edition Reissue ’85 Whiteface RAT is the real deal — inside and out! Pro Co packed this pedal’s original ’85 enclosure with the original electronics, so you know you’re getting the genuine original RAT sound when you stomp it.

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