Nux NTU-1 Tuner

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We chose the colored VA LCD (Vertical Alignment liquid crystal display) screen to offer a darker background, high contrast ratio, wide viewing angle, and better image quality everywhere, and it’s way more better than any traditional twisted-nematic displays.

As the biggest tuner manufacturer in the world, Cherub Technology’s 20+ years of experience and the musician-engineer developers are tweaking the tuning algorithms step by step to create the best tuner for the musicians. Including the bass guitar players, because of the low-frequency processing difficulties, tuning a 5 string bass guitar is a big challenge by using a regular clip-on tuner. Nu-Tune ‘s very sensitive tuner and it provides an accurate pitch response quickly for all instruments including the 5 string bass guitar.
HD Color VA LCD Screen
High Sensitive Piezo Sensor
Calibration A4: 431~449, Memory Backup
Sleep Mode
Fast Response and Wide Tuning Range (Even for 5 strings bass.)
Wide Screen

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