NUX Metal Core Spar 50 %


NUX Metal Core Spar 50 %

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For hardcore players!

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A tons of bottom and aggressive high make Metal Core is suitable a hardcore player! Bass and high controls the tone very easily. Voice1 and voice 2 have big different from old school to a modern thresh metal!
1.2 voice of metal sound.
2.2-Band EQ.
3.Tone Lock function and one preset save/recall.
4.New generation 32-bit DSP, high performance 24-bit
5.44.1 kHz AD/DA convert.
6.True bypass.
7.Runs on battery or AC power
•Presets:1 storable user preset
•Sampling Frequency: 44.1 kHz
•A/D converter: 24-bit
•Signal Processing:32-bit
•Frequency response:20Hz-20000Hz ±1dB
•THD+N: 93dBu (<0.003%) A-Weighting
•Dynamic Range:100dB
•OUTPUT:-10dBV (Output load impedance of 10k&#937;or more)
•Power:9V DC (9V Battery, ACD-007A Adapter)
•Dimensions: 122(L) x 72(W) x 47(H)mm

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