Nux Atlantic delay & reverb guitar-effekt-pedal

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  • Kombineret ekko og rumklangspedal
  • Tap tempo
  • Valgfri intern routing
  • Tre rumklange og tre ekkoeffekter
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Nux Atlantic er en kombineret delay og reverb pedal til elguitar, med  3 klassiske delay typer samt 3  klassiske reverbs,og ”shimmer” effekt, som giver farve og stemning til intro’er, mellemspil og slutninger.



Nux Atlantic giver adgang til at vælge imellem tre forskellige delay- typer:

60’s (55ms – 550ms): Tape-echo effekt med analog klang.

70’s (40ms – 400ms): Retro- delay

80’s (80ms – 800ms): Digital delay med krystalklare gentagelser.

Med Smart Tap Tempo synkroniserer man ekkoeffekten med det nummer, som man spiller. Mant trykker blot  rytmen på tempoet med foden.

Hastighedsområder  125 ms – 1500 ms for alle delay-typer.


Atlantic har 3 rumklangseffekt typer, og hver type har en sekundær effekt, kan aktiveres ved at holde reverb knappen nede.

Spring Reverb & Freeze: Spring Reverb er en klassisk ”guitarforstærker rumklang”.

Plate Reverb & Shimmer: Tilføjer rumklangsrefleksioner til guitarlyden.

Hall Reverb & Freeze: Rumklang som i store haller.Holdes reverb knappen nede, ”fryser” rumklangseffekten og bliver ved, indtil den slippes igen.

Valgfri intern signalvej

Med NUX Atlantic Delay & Reverb Pedal kan der vælges hvilken effekt, der skal komme først.

A New Horizon for the Delay & Reverb Experience!

One of the best Delay and Reverb algorithms in a metal box. Special select 3 classic Delays & 3 classic Reverbs… and we added a bonus “Shimmer” effect which lets you create a dreamy waterfall shimmer-especially handy for intros, interludes, and endings. And now, because of NUX’s latest Core Image Technology, the new Verdugo Series effect pedals offer pro-level sound enhancement.

NUX Atlantic Delay effects 
70’s (40ms – 400ms): Retro-delay meets modern technology, without losing the realistic BBD-effected repeats, so essential for capturing the 70’s retro feel.

60’s (55ms – 550ms): A warm & dusty tape-echo machine effect, packed with an array of analog-only goodies. Saturated colors that turn any sound into vintage. Tweak the Repeat knob to the max and use the Time knob to get an experience, just like the real Tape-Echo Machine.

80’s (80ms – 800ms): A digital era invention, crystal clear repeats. Digitally-copied clean repeats carry your signal without absolutely zero color particles. This is the best option if you don’t want to mix your favorite chorus with another colorization effect–or your favorite modulation effect.

TAP TEMPO: Instantly synch-up your delays with the tempo you want to accompany. Simply tap the tempo with your foot. TAP TEMPO Speed range is 125 ms – 1500 ms for all delay types.

Before using the TAP TEMPO, you can set the TAP Division to control the delay speed and delay pattern.

For example; adjusting a delay effect to play Rockabilly or Rock ‘n Roll impossible with the TAP TEMPO. Unless you are Flash! Set the Time knob to 1/4 and use the TAP TEMPO to sync the delay speed with the drum beat, delay speed will be 4 times faster than your TAP TEMPO speed. Enjoy with the sharp-synced Rock ‘n Roll groove.

Another suggestion; if the drum beat is too fast to catch with the TAP TEMPO. Use 1/2 and TAP the switch in half speed of the tempo, delay speed will be 2 times faster, problem solved.

NUX Atlantic Reverb effects 
Spring Reverb: Creates a polyphonic atmosphere filter that catches the sound reflections from deep down spring reverb tank. You can adjust the tank size with the level knob and set the reflection distance with the decay knob.

Plate Reverb & Shimmer: Straight and clean reflections inside a flat-walled room. You can control the room-size with the Level knob and then tweak the Delay bounce point with the Decay knob.
If you hold down the Reverb switch, straight reflections will be heated and swirled throughout the inside of the room creating aShimmer effect.

Hall Reverb: The sound of a well-designed hall. Whether the hall size is big or small, the reflections will be emitted by wall furniture. You can adjust the interior hall-size, from a small garage to a huge structure with the Level knob and increase or decrease the number of objects on the walls with the Decay knob.  Less decay means more objects and faster reflection fading.

Inside Routing
NUX Atlantic Delay & Reverb pedal also has inside routing-control between the effects so you can choose which effect comes first.  On Serial Mode, you can create a deep-reflection reverb with wet or dry repeats, or you can split your guitar signal, and add both effects in the parallel chain.  Each effect will be mixed with separated dry signals.


It has a 6.35 mm stereo input and 2 outputs for the ultimate delay and reverb experience.

By plugging a TRS cable into the pedal’s input, you can add the Atlantic to any effect chain via Send/Return connection by using a “Y” cable or “Insert” cable.

It has an Input Level toggle switch, +4 dB / -10 dB (high impedance / low impedance)



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