Mipro ACT50H håndsender

///Mipro ACT50H håndsender

Mipro ACT50H håndsender

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Håndsender i metalhus passer til ACT51 & 52 samt MRM70 & 72 frekvens 8AD / 8S  

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Mipro ACT50H håndsender frekv. 8AD&8S = 823-831 MHz 

Housing  Metal
Oscillation Mode  PLL Synthesized
Frequency Range  UHF 480~934MHz
Bandwidth  24MHz
Channel Set-Up  ACT Sync
RF Output Power  30mW (country dependent)
Spurious Emissions  <-55dBc
Max. Input Level  140dB SPL
Display  LCD displays group, channel, battery status & error codes
Battery  2 AA alkaline
Dimensions  50(Ø)×253(L)mm / 2.0(Ø)x10(L)”
Weight  Approx. 301g / 10.6oz (excluding batteries)

Patents & Approvals
Patented. Telecom and safety regulations approved.

Refer to actual product in the event of product discrepancy.
Frequency range and maximum deviation comply with the regulations of different countries.