Humidifier Woods WHU600

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En luftfugter er en smart løsning til altid at være sikret korrekt luftfugtihed til dine guitarer,
uden at skulle have dem i kassen.
Maximum work area – 50 m²
Effect (mist / steam) – 30/80 W
Fan modes – 3
Humidity interval – 45-75%
Capacity – 7,2 liters/day
Tank volume – 5,5 liters
Noise level about – 35dB
Product dimensions – LxWxH340x200x230 mm
Weight – 2,2 kg

Wood’s WHU600 is a very effective humidifier that gives you a healthier and more comfortable indoor climate.
This hybrid humidifier can emit both cold fog and hot steam and features a clear and easy-to-read display showing both current temperature and humidity.

The WHU600 is very easy to use and its transparent water tank is easy to fill and clean. In addition, you can clearly see how much water is left in the tank. WHU600 is energy efficient and quiet and with the movable nozzle, you can direct the steam where you want.

A humidifier raises the humidity during the coldest times of the year when the air is dry. By raising the humidity, you avoid a number of different problems such as dry and cracked skin, dry eyes, and irritated mucous membranes. In addition, a humidifier protects against damage and cracks in textiles, furnishings, furniture, and musical instruments.

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