Gibson Sheryl Crow Country Western m/Amulet Pickup

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Sheryl Crow Signature western guitar – med en klang i verdensklasse.
Dæk af Thermally Aged Sitka Gran
Bund & Sider af Mahognin
Hand Scalloped Advanced X-bracing
Mensur: 24.75″
Radius: 12″
Sadel & Stol: Ben

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The most highly customized Country Western in Gibson’s history. Created for Sheryl Crow and based off her own Country Western, the features of this signature model are designed to deliver the sweet voice of our classic Country Western with the added punch created from our 1930’s Advanced bracing pattern. The Thermally Aged Sitka spruce top and hide glue provide additional projection and increased expression with a wider dynamic range. Outfitted with the astounding Amulet M analog pickup for accurate tone and response of the instrument when amplified. Finished in a gorgeous Antique Cherry, the Sheryl Crow Country Western Supreme is a natural beauty!

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