Carl Martin Honey Comp

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Carl started years back with the Compressor Limiter…that big black hand-made-in-Denmark compressor that brought studio comps to the pedal board.  The word got out that it was just too big for modern pedal boards, so Carl redesigned that pedal into a much smaller format, preset (or fixed) the Threshold and Response leaving just two knobs for Comp and Level. The feedback we got was overwhelming…players were telling us the Comp Limiter had the same sonic clarity, the same headroom and the same quietness that the big studio comps had but was so quick and easy to use.

The Carl Martin Honey Comp incorporates the special CM developed DC/DC converter circuitry. This enables us to run the pedal with +-12V internally, which is necessary, in order to maintain the same sonic quality and headroom as on the “old” Compressor/Limiter, using a regular 9V DC 200mA external power supply.

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