Black Sheep Analog Delay

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Analog delay

Analog Delay-pedal baseret på de klassiske Bucket Brigade (BBD)-effekter 
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A bucket brigade Delay is a discrete-time analogue delay developed in 1969 by  Philips Research Labs and consists of a series of capacitance sections. The stored analogue signal is moved along the line of capacitors, one step at each clock cycle. The name comes from an analogy with the term bucket brigade, used for a line of people passing buckets of water.
In most signal processing applications, Bucket Brigades have been replaced by devices that use digital signal processing, manipulating samples in digital form. However, Bucket brigade Analog Delays are still highly praised among musicians for their warm, organic, vintage analog sound. Regretfully, these Delays usually comes with a price tag many musicians can’t afford – Until now!
The Black Sheep Analog Delay is a true Bucket Brigade pedal delivering that organic and musical analog delay sound heard on all the classic albums of the 70’s. It is very simple to use, just set Echo Level, Feedback and Time (20ms- 620ms). With the Feedback knob set to max this pedal is capable of producing a positive feedback loop that will go on indefinitely, great for ending a show!
Analog Delay is a compact, true bypass, sturdy built pedal that delivers the classic, sought after delay sound at a price you didn’t think was possible.
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